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In effort of preventing the flocks accessing any grazing areas where the epidemic incurred, the Sheep-edition tracks and monitors livestock disease outbreaks within territories.  



 It keeps records on every detail of life events, such as the kind of diseases inflicted and the usual location. The block-chain technology maintains entity data that is trustworthy without any loss of information.



No reasons to be anxious about not watching your herds for 24 hours.
The Sheep-edition is there to do the job for you. Unexpected  large movements and/or deviations from the designated area would be alert and alarm the farmer


Anywhere, We Care

This small capsule is equipped with a high-performance GPS sensor. Its supreme battery efficiency is beyond competition that enables technology corporation with local exchange carriers to monitor the herd's location in real time. 

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Tolerance to Cold Weather 

Regardless of extreme weather conditions, our bio-capsule is settled in the rumen and enables constant measurement of the live data in accuracy that is free from any external effects. Naturally, there is no risk of damaging devices due to bad weather conditions.

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small capsule with 
Big thoughts 

The initial motivation of developing bio-capsule was to manage livestock healthcare, now it has evolved to become a daily journal to embrace every detail of herds history at the level of details where and how their lives progress. 

It was not an easy job to acquire sensible data. But we did it, we now have over five hundred million live data in our data repository as basis for our analysis. 

Looking forwards, we will expand the depth and breadth of livestock data. We are confident that it will have significant contribute to the health of mankind and animals for the better future. 


Inject this small capsule, less than 5cm lengthwise, into the ruminant stomach of sheep, and start the new way of managing your herds in better and smarter way.

Real-time GPS Transmission

Offering GPS information at the minimum batter requirements, it works without any territorial restrictions

Entity Traceability

Knowing the life history of where and how your herds spend their days

Estrus/Lambing Management

Providing essential information regarding reproduction such as estrus/lambing based on temperature data that is not influenced by external environment

Early Diseases Detection

Detecting any symptoms of diseases promptly, which is challenging via visual observations



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